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Deepin Linux

Linux Deepin is a Debian-based distribution (formerly it was Ubuntu-based until version 15 released in late 2015). As they say they are committed to providing elegant, user-friendly, safe and stable experience for users all over the world. It not only integrates and configures the best open-source products, but also develops a series of applications for daily use, such as Deepin Store, Deepin Screenshot, Deepin Music, Deepin Movie and so on, among which Deepin Desktop Environment and Deepin Control Center are based on Qt technology. Deepin focuses on user-friendly experience and beautiful design, so it’s easy to install and use for most users and can well replace Windows for work and entertainment. It is the first localization distribution based on Debian in China. Hiweed Linux was renamed to Linux deepin in 2008 and got business investment in 2011 to build a team focusing on desktop Linux distribution with more than tens of staff. deepin cooperated with Sogou, WPS, Maxthon and other partners in multiple aspects to build an ecological system based on Linux.

Deepin 15.4

  • VirtualBox (VDI) 64bit Download Size: 1.54GB
    SHA256: 3f8d1de9b86f895e15c7b4761a18cac4a959885fe1e83c8e55191544ce5e775f
  • VMware (VMDK) 64bit Download Size: 1.50GB
    SHA256: 8a8d9a0740eb9b75e9c515ba055b1f913bbf15e877c55960afe1b6d337bb68b6

Username: osboxes

VB Guest Additions & VMware Tools: Not Installed
VMware Compatibility: Version 10+

Deepin 15.2

  • VirtualBox (VDI) 32bit Download Size: 1.4GB
    MD5: 4e8c3ea79a0fc9e1f7eee05dd239035a
  • VirtualBox (VDI) 64bit Download Size: 1.4GB
    MD5: e65fa2b6c16bc08ef87f8df02562c688
  • VMware (VMDK) 32bit Download Size: 1.4GB
    MD5: 4337c7d8289a6b285e0de2146b77e072
  • VMware (VMDK) 64bit Download Size: 2.7GB
    MD5: f2b63e98b306283809d0f934454e1f1b

Username: osboxes

VB Guest Additions & VMware Tools: Not Installed