Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS is a pen-testing and security oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian, features a collection of utilities designed for reverse engineering, privacy, hacking, computer forensics, penetration testing, anonymity and cryptography. It comes with MATE as default desktop environment and developed by Frozenbox. It includes a full portable laboratory for security and digital forensics experts, but it also includes all you need to develop your own softwares or protect your privacy with anonymity and crypto tools. Parrot includes by default TOR, I2P, anonsurf, gpg, tccf, zulucrypt, veracrypt, truecrypt, luks and many other tecnologies designed to defend your privacy and your identity. If you need a comfortable environment with updated frameworks and useful libraries already installed, Parrot will amaze you as it includes a full development-oriented environment with some powerful editors and IDEs pre-installed and many other tools installable from our repository.

parrot security os

Parrot OS 3.5

  • VirtualBox (VDI) 32bit Download Size: 2.67GB
    SHA256: bf8d45cd73568aa98db09331724481c8291c6bf4631fcae7b40571c1c4b870ff
  • VirtualBox (VDI) 64bit Download Size: 2.62GB
    SHA256: 639c173f34cf2cf40a2be833335284eb6f29c5505cdd9b101e5c59ed8b33c941
  • VMware (VMDK) 32bit Download Size: 2.66GB
    SHA256: 0c38743347c413390a72bb4e96a8144c8efb216e9fa65d01d1fd0221befe81a8
  • VMware (VMDK) 64bit Download Size: 2.62GB
    SHA256: fd9ac72e5350759965a595b7b92d09c6b968d0960be0e9c1c31de30b9d9ffd3b

Username: osboxes
Root Account Password:
VB Guest Additions & VMware Tools: Not Installed
VMware Compatibility: Version 10+