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Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark Images Released for VirtualBox and VMware

Ubuntu team announced the latest version of their operating system “Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark”. The new Ubuntu release offers nine months of support and security updates. It features Linux Kernel 4.13 and driverless printing to supported devices, by default Swap file will be used instead of Swap partition: “Codenamed “Artful Aardvark”, Ubuntu 17.10 continues Ubuntu’s proudtradition of integrating the [...]

Antergos desktop

Antergos 17.7 Images Available for VirtualBox and VMware

Antergos project is a rolling release model recently released ‘Antergos 17.7’, since this is rolling release so there is no official announcement available on the Antergos website. Antergos is a modern, elegant based on Arch Linux. It started life under the name of Cinnarch, combining the Cinnamon desktop with the Arch Linux distribution, but the project has moved on [...]

kali linux

Kali Linux 2017.2 Images Released for VirtualBox and VMware

Kali Linux project released the updated version of their operating system ‘Kali Linux 2017.2’ based on Debian distribution, Kali Linux shifted to rolling release model last year from fixed release model: “In addition to all of the standard security and package updates that come to us via Debian Testing, we have also added more than a dozen new tools [...]

BunsenLabs deuterium desktop

BunsenLabs Deuterium 201704 Release for VirtualBox and VMware

BunsenLabs Linux team released the latest version of BunsenLabs Deuterium 201704 version. “BunsenLabs Linux is pleased to announce the release of Deuterium, LIVE hybrid ISO images that allow for the installation to a computer of a Debian jessie Operating System that uses Openbox, tint2 and conky. This release got fixes a number of longstanding issues and adds some improvements. [...]

Black Lab Desktop

Black Lab Linux 11.0.3 Images Available for VirtualBox and VMware

Black Lab Linux team announced the latest version of Black Lab Linux 11.0.3 version. “While our official builds are based on the GNOME desktop with the exception of Black Lab Embedded Linux, which is based on LXDE, we do offer desktop spins for users. that include KDE Plasma 5, Xfce, LXDE and MATE. Black Lab Enterprise Linux focuses on [...]