Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions with answers an average user can ask from us. If you get some problem with downloads or any other stuff then contact us.

You can download VirtualBox from its official website, it is freely available even for enterprise level.
VMware player also can be downloaded from its official site, it is free for personal (non-commercial) use and if you want to use it for commercial purposes then you have to upgrade to plus bundle.

Well, there are plenty of compression/decompression tools available out there but we recommend you to use 7-zip because it is free and available for almost every Operating system.

You can checkout this guide page.

All images for VirtualBox and VMware have the same username and password. After logging into virtual machine that you’ve downloaded from here you can change ‘username’ & ‘password’ or create you new user.
Username – osboxes
Password – osboxes.org
For Root user account
Password – osboxes.org

Well, usually that do not happen because we are behind this scenario and handle all images by our-self. If you have spent quite time to download the image because of your bandwidth and then you encounter that you can’t login, so here is guide for you.
The solution is same for all Linux distributions
1. Start virtual machine and suddenly you will see the GRUB (Tip: if you don’t see GRUB then press SHIFT key when virtual machine starts, if you miss then you need to try again).
2. Select recovery entry from GRUB.
3. Now you will see recovery menu, select root (Drop to root shell prompt) option.
4. Type this command mount -rw -o remount / and press enter.
5. Now type passwd osboxes and press enter.
6. Enter new password twice and enter exit to reboot.

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