Feren OS

Feren OS

Feren OS is a Linux distribution based on Linux Mint. It ships with customized Cinnamon desktop environment and by default includes the WINEHQ compatibility layer to run Windows applications. feren OS comes with many apps that you’ll love such as WPS Office (which is the best known Office alternative), GIMP (which is a decent Photoshop alternative with similar features) and even more apps for your everyday needs.

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Feren OS 2017.08

  • VirtualBox (VDI) 64bit Download Size: 2.16GB
    SHA256: 7892725d5299616b2fa5767c203bcd7e124a039dd8e40993e1979299928a03db
  • VMware (VMDK) 64bit Download Size: 2.18GB
    SHA256: 876a70fc3807eefed87104088756154330a4adb39bbe9994665689d5c990af1e

Username: osboxes
Password: osboxes.org
VB Guest Additions & VMware Tools: Not Installed
VMware Compatibility: Version 10+