Kali Linux 2.0 Released, Images Available for VMware & VirtualBox

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Kali Linux 2.0 Released, Images Available for VMware & VirtualBox

Kali Linux Project announced the latest version Kali Linux 2.0 with kernel 4.0 ‘The Next Generation Penetration Testing Platform’, now with tons of new features and 2.0 based on Debian Jessie. Kali Linux 2.0 has transformed into a rolling distribution that means it will follow Debian testing branch packages and upgrading the Kali core: “One of the biggest moves we’ve taken to keep Kali 2.0 up-to-date in a global, continuous manner, is transforming Kali into a rolling distribution. What this means is that we are pulling our packages continuously from Debian Testing (after making sure that all packages are installable) — essentially upgrading the Kali core system, while allowing us to take advantage of newer Debian packages as they roll out. This move is where our choice in Debian as a base system really pays off — we get to enjoy the stability of Debian, while still remaining on the cutting edge. Another interesting development in our infrastructure has been the integration of an upstream version checking system, which alerts us when new upstream versions of tools are released (usually via git tagging). This script runs daily on a select list of common tools and keeps us alerted if a new tool requires updating. With this new system in place, core tool updates will happen more frequently.” You can check out complete release announcement of Kali Linux 2.0 here.

We are providing you virtual images for latest version of Kali Linux 2.0 for VirtualBox and VMware.

You can download VDI and VMDK images for VirtualBox & VMware from here.

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  • Sen

    Hi, the Kali 2.0 64bits VDI is VMDK instead of VDI

    • @Sen
      Attach it as Harddrive and use it

  • emil9770

    Can you, please, provide download link for Kali Liniux 2.0 virtualbox image? I can’t find it any more.