Kali Linux 2016.2 Images Released for VirtualBox and VMware

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Kali Linux 2016.2 Images Released for VirtualBox and VMware

In 2016 Kali Linux project released the updated version of their operating system “Kali Linux 2016.2” based on Debian distribution, Kali Linux shifted to rolling release model from fixed releases: “During these past few months, we’ve been busy adding new relevant tools to Kali as well as fixing various bugs and implementing OS enhancements. For example, something as simple as adding HTTPS support in Busybox now allows us to preseed Kali installations securely over SSL. This is a quick and cool feature to speed up your installations and make them (almost) unattended, even if you don’t have a custom built ISO. To set a preseed file during an install process, choose the ‘install’ option, then hit Tab and enter the preseed directive, together with a URL pointing to your actual preseed file. We are really excited about these changes to Kali as we continue to improve and expand the best Linux-based penetration testing framework around…..” You can read complete release announcement here.

We are providing you virtual images for latest version of Kali Linux 2016.2 for VirtualBox and VMware.

You can download VDI and VMDK images for VirtualBox & VMware from here.

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