Korora 26 Images Available for VirtualBox and VMware

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Korora 26 Images Available for VirtualBox and VMware

Korora project released the latest version of their operating system “Korora 26” back in December, 2016, which is based on Fedora: “The Korora project is pleased to announce the release of version 26 (code name ‘Bloat’) which is now available for download. Korora 26 continues the tradition of having code names based on characters from ‘Finding Nemo’. Existing Korora users can upgrade to 26 ‘Bloat’, see our upgrade guide. Features: Cinnamon 3.4 – this new release of Cinnamon includes lots of refinements to the popular desktop environment; GNOME 3.24 brings a number of new features to the GNOME desktop including the new Night Light setting which reduces eye strain; KDE Plasma 5.10 gains a new default desktop view and improvements to the Task Manager among a long list of improvements; MATE 1.18 – this release completes the migration to GTK+ 3 but also includes many new features; Xfce 4.12 – this release mainly focused on polishing the desktop and improving the user experience in various ways. Several core applications have been updated.” You can read release announcement here.

We are providing you virtual images for latest version of Korora 26 for VirtualBox and Gnome for VMware.

You can download VDI and VMDK images for VirtualBox & VMware from here.

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