Phoenix OS v2.1.1 VM Images Released for VirtualBox and VMware

Phoenix OS desktop

Phoenix OS v2.1.1 VM Images Released for VirtualBox and VMware

Phoenix OS is an android based operating system, it is much like Remix OS is designed to run on x86/x64 tablets or larger screen devices with features often found only within desktop OS’s. “Phoenix os for x86 v2.1.1 version available. In this version we update keymapping to version 3.0 and support joystick now. Update details: Keyboard mapping support joystick now; Optimize the experience of Strike of Kings; Desktop shortcuts cannot delete has been fixed; Adjust the font color of notification center; The bug that window size won’t be saved after restart has been fixed; Enhance the hardware compatibility, including: sound card, network adapter, etc; ‘Start Phoenix system’ shortcut supports legacy boot now; Optimize the Phoenix OS downloader.” It inherits many features and functions of classic personal computer operating systems and also supports millions of mainstream Android applications. You can use it freely in any environment – home, office, education or any other. It includes features like comprehensive start menu, fully resizable multi-window support and keyboard shortcut functionality. The v2.1.1 is based on Android 7.1 and we are releasing it for VirtualBox and VMware.

We are providing you virtual images for latest version of Phoenix OS v2.1.1 for VirtualBox.

You can download VDI image for VirtualBox from here.

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  • Kushal Biswas

    How to enable full screen on Phoenix Os in Virtual Box?