Zorin OS 12.1 Images Available for VMware and VirtualBox

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Zorin OS 12.1 Images Available for VMware and VirtualBox

Zorin project announced the latest version of their operating system “Zorin OS 12.1” based on Ubuntu 16.04.1: “We are pleased to announce the release of Zorin OS 12.1. This new release brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, new desktop features, performance enhancements and hardware support. Zorin OS 12.1 introduces an updated hardware enablement stack. The newly-included Linux kernel 4.8 as well as an updated X server graphics stack adds compatibility for newer computers and hardware in Zorin OS. One of the new desktop features is an easy way to add app icons to the desktop. Simply open the Zorin menu and right-click on an app to view the option to add it to the Desktop or to Favorites.” You can read complete release announcement here.

We are providing you virtual images for latest version of Zorin OS 12.1 for VirtualBox and VMware.

You can download VDI and VMDK images for VirtualBox & VMware from here.

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